BMX | Spring Break | Colorado Springs Photographer

I hate to say it, but Spring break is nearly over. Colorado weather didn’t really want to cooperate with us, but at least we have a couple of good days of weather. Some of you may know that my son is very into BMX biking, and he is getting quite good at it. He practices nearly every day, and has shown great determination. He also hates to have his picture taken, unless it is while he is out on his bike. So we set out on the warmest day-I packed up all 4 of my cameras (3 film cameras and one digital!) and we went to Goose Gossage Skate park. He bounced back an forth between the dirt jumps and the bowls, and never gave up on landing his trick. Here are a couple of shots from that day.

I also shot some if the images on film. Film is a whole different ball game and take much more patience  to wait for the perfect shot and hope that you got it! Here are a couple of my favs.

Film PhotographyFilm PhotographyFilm Photography



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