Senior Models 2018 | Cara & Sheridan | Blackbird Studios

I had such a great time getting to know both Cara and Sheridan at our first senior model shoot! They are with our Senior Model Program and we want to do something stunning! So we ventured out on our first shoot and went Manitou Springs. Shayla and I fell in love with their prom dresses and so we wanted to start their first session with them, and boy did they both look so gorgeous! We shot at a couple of different parks in Manitou Springs. The first one was the 7 Minute Springs park. I love shooting here and using the architectural structure of the gazebo, the dramatically big stairs and the artwork that is around the park.

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models

There is also another park right across the street from the gazebo that leads down to the creek, and we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go there! We found beautiful peonies that matched Cara’s dress and Sheridan did an awesome job holding her balance while we shot in the creek!

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models

I have also been eyeing another park in Manitou Springs, that I have been driving by on a regular basis.  I feel in love with the luscious green trees and grass that surrounded this area and I knew I needed to take them there. As we got there we were so excited for the sun to finally come out and give us a true golden hour to finish up our session!

Senior ModelsSenior Models

Before we ended this session, Cara and Sheridan wanted to get some more pictures that captured how special their friendship is. This was the perfect way to end such a fun and beautiful session! Want to become a Senior Model for Blackbird Studios? Fill out our application now and get started with your specialized session!

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models


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