Senior Models 2018 | Cara & Sheridan | Blackbird Studios

I had such a great time getting to know both Cara and Sheridan at our first senior model shoot! They are with our Senior Model Program and we want to do something stunning! So we ventured out on our first shoot and went Manitou Springs. Shayla and I fell in love with their prom dresses and so we wanted to start their first session with them, and boy did they both look so gorgeous! We shot at a couple of different parks in Manitou Springs. The first one was the 7 Minute Springs park. I love shooting here and using the architectural structure of the gazebo, the dramatically big stairs and the artwork that is around the park.

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models

There is also another park right across the street from the gazebo that leads down to the creek, and we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go there! We found beautiful peonies that matched Cara’s dress and Sheridan did an awesome job holding her balance while we shot in the creek!

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models

I have also been eyeing another park in Manitou Springs, that I have been driving by on a regular basis.  I feel in love with the luscious green trees and grass that surrounded this area and I knew I needed to take them there. As we got there we were so excited for the sun to finally come out and give us a true golden hour to finish up our session!

Senior ModelsSenior Models

Before we ended this session, Cara and Sheridan wanted to get some more pictures that captured how special their friendship is. This was the perfect way to end such a fun and beautiful session! Want to become a Senior Model for Blackbird Studios? Fill out our application now and get started with your specialized session!

Senior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior ModelsSenior Models


Prom Is Here! | Kayla & Brandon | Colorado Springs Photographers

I get so excited at prom time! I love to see all the beautiful dresses and watch everyone get all gussied up! There is still time to book your Prom Mini Session!!! Kayla and Brandon were our first session last weekend, and Kayla is senior at Liberty High School. She is super excited to be finishing off this school year with a bang. Last weekend, Colorado’s weather didn’t know what it wanted to do, and we nervously waited to see if the sun would come out….and thank goodness it did. We did have a back up plan to soot at the Mining Exchange Wyndham Hotel. We started out with the beautiful buildings on Colorado College’s campus. This is one of my favorite places to shoot…almost a hidden gem.

Prom PicturesProm PicturesProm PicturesProm PicturesProm PicturesProm PicturesProm PicturesProm Pictures

After we finished with the outdoor photos we headed to the Wyndham hotel. This place is gorgeous and historical. It was very packed with other prom guests and a wedding so we made use of the areas that weren’t as crowded.

Prom PicturesProm PicturesProm Pictures

Prom PicturesDSC08705

Can you believable we shot all these pictures in 30 min?? Book your mini session with us and create memories that will last a lifetime!!! Call, email or send us a message on Facebook!

Kala’s Senior Session | Colorado Springs Photographers

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to shoot with Shayla Marin Photography on another senior session. Shayla and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to photography and photographing! It’s crazy how much we think a like and often have the same vision on a shoot. We have started our kick off with the senior class of 2018 and we had such a beautiful model-Kala. She was flawless with her modeling and did such a great job! We decided to do the this session in both digital and film. Shayla shot the digital while I did the film, and the turn out was fantastic! The location that we chose was near the studio. Old Farm Park. Here you can easily hike the plateaus and get a beautiful views of Colorado Springs and of Pikes Peak. It also have a dessert like feel to it, and you have to watch out for the cactus! Another cool thing about this park is that they have an old silo that we were able to get inside, and Shayla had a cool idea of using a smoke bomb with an umbrella-and these shots came out incredible! We started the shoot right about 4pm in the afternoon and into golden hour.  Here are some of our favorites:

To see more senior session visit Blackbird Studios!

Zenza Bronica ETRS | Film Photography | Colorado Springs Photographer

In the last blog post I talked a little bit about the Mamiya C220 that I had picked up, and how much I had fallen in love with film photography again. I have found another camera that had caught my eye that still shot medium format film, but was set up as a SLR (single lens reflex). It was a Hasselblad. The sleek lines of the chrome against the black, and a chrome lens was irresistible…especially to the designer side of me. I wanted one for the sheer look of the machine.  As I started to do my research I found out how expensive these bad boys are. It was way out of my budget, well at least for now it is. On I went with my research, and I found many other brands that I liked and was curious about trying. Eventually I decided on a Zenza Bronica ETRS.  I got it for a great price on Ebay and was so excited to try it out that I broke it! My heart sank, and I was so mad at myself. Luckily the awesome employees at Camera Works could fix it! I love that they did the repair in the shop and I didn’t have to send it out and worry about who was going to have their hands on it. The turn around time was super fast (less than a week) and was over joyed to pick it up. That week was spring break, the kids were out of school and were the perfect models to test a roll of film. There are a lot if things that I like about this camera. The negative is 6X4 so you will get 3 extra frames per roll vs the 6×6 on the Mamiya. It is a little bulky in your hands, but with the motor drive grip, it gives you a feeling of shooting with a DSLR.  It was a little tricky learning how to properly load the film, but once you get the hang of it, it was a piece of cake. Here are my favs from the first roll of film. I was extremely happy with the images that it captured and would recommend this camera!


BMX | Spring Break | Colorado Springs Photographer

I hate to say it, but Spring break is nearly over. Colorado weather didn’t really want to cooperate with us, but at least we have a couple of good days of weather. Some of you may know that my son is very into BMX biking, and he is getting quite good at it. He practices nearly every day, and has shown great determination. He also hates to have his picture taken, unless it is while he is out on his bike. So we set out on the warmest day-I packed up all 4 of my cameras (3 film cameras and one digital!) and we went to Goose Gossage Skate park. He bounced back an forth between the dirt jumps and the bowls, and never gave up on landing his trick. Here are a couple of shots from that day.

I also shot some if the images on film. Film is a whole different ball game and take much more patience  to wait for the perfect shot and hope that you got it! Here are a couple of my favs.

Film PhotographyFilm PhotographyFilm Photography


Prom Mini Sessions | Colorado Springs Photographer

HomecomingWe have come up that time of year….Prom! This is an exciting time and it marks the end of the school year. I can speak for us girls how important it is to get the perfect dress, planning out the hair and make-up, all the little things that go into making a magical night. With all this planning it is important to be able to document this occasion, and what better way than to have a professional photographer capture these for you! Blackbird studios is offering MINI Sessions for this occasion. Here are the details:

Mini Sessions-$99

  • 30 minute session at a location of your choice
  • Up to 6 people
  • 10 digital images
  • print release with watermark.


Contact us today to schedule your mini session!!!

Giving Back to the Community | High School Seniors | Colorado Springs Photographer

I have been working on a project that is very special to me, and I am so excited that it is all coming together! I am a strong believer in giving back to the community, and I can do through my photography. I am giving away 5 free photo sessions for graduates of  2018! There are many circumstances that seniors often face when in High School and this is huge accomplishment for them, and they deserve to have a day for themselves about themselves!

Blackbird Studios has teamed up with professional hair/makeup artists and Plato’s Closet for an incredible contest.  This is your chance to nominate a 2018 graduate for a “Free Photo Session” made possible by Blackbird Studio in Colorado Springs.


How to nominate:

Write a 500 word paragraph on the person you are nominating and why.

Senior PosterSubmit it to by April 25th, 2017.

Be sure to add a phone number and address of the nominee so that Blackbird Studios can contact them when they win!



Must be a senior graduating in 2018

Must live in El Paso County


Winning nominees will receive The Platinum Package which includes: Unlimited session time compliments of Blackbird Studios. Unlimited outfit changes, professional hair & makeup and a shopping spree at Plato’s Closet. Winner can choose up to 3 locations for their senior photo session. They will also receive an 8×11 photo album complete with photos from their session, a yearbook submission photo, their own private online gallery and a minimum of 50 images w/print release.


Blackbird Studios believes in giving back to their community and they are looking forward to awarding 5 deserving students in the El Paso County area the opportunity to have their senior photos done in style, all for FREE. Send in your nominee today.


For additional information you may contact Blackbird Studios at (719) 213-8693.