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In the last blog post I talked a little bit about the Mamiya C220 that I had picked up, and how much I had fallen in love with film photography again. I have found another camera that had caught my eye that still shot medium format film, but was set up as a SLR (single lens reflex). It was a Hasselblad. The sleek lines of the chrome against the black, and a chrome lens was irresistible…especially to the designer side of me. I wanted one for the sheer look of the machine.  As I started to do my research I found out how expensive these bad boys are. It was way out of my budget, well at least for now it is. On I went with my research, and I found many other brands that I liked and was curious about trying. Eventually I decided on a Zenza Bronica ETRS.  I got it for a great price on Ebay and was so excited to try it out that I broke it! My heart sank, and I was so mad at myself. Luckily the awesome employees at Camera Works could fix it! I love that they did the repair in the shop and I didn’t have to send it out and worry about who was going to have their hands on it. The turn around time was super fast (less than a week) and was over joyed to pick it up. That week was spring break, the kids were out of school and were the perfect models to test a roll of film. There are a lot if things that I like about this camera. The negative is 6X4 so you will get 3 extra frames per roll vs the 6×6 on the Mamiya. It is a little bulky in your hands, but with the motor drive grip, it gives you a feeling of shooting with a DSLR.  It was a little tricky learning how to properly load the film, but once you get the hang of it, it was a piece of cake. Here are my favs from the first roll of film. I was extremely happy with the images that it captured and would recommend this camera!



Film Photography Adventures | Colorado Springs Photographer | Mamiya C220

Over the last few years there has been a come back in the film (analog) photography. I originally started off learning how to take pictures on a film camera, and there was so much to learn! Having to know how to use the aperture with the shutter speed, with ISO of the film….the list went on. I love a challenge, and I think that is part of the reason that I wanted to be a professional photographer. Film had really taken the back seat in 2009 (thats when I started my professional career) and I had to teach myself how to use a digital camera and what it meant to edit in photoshop. As the years have gone by, I began to notice that film was still being used and that you could pick up a camera pretty cheap. I have always wanted to shoot with medium format film, so I looked into a twin lens reflex (TLR) camera. Finally a couple of months ago I picked up this beauty at Camera Works in Colorado Springs for only $250! If you are from this area and looking for a camera this is the place to go! IMG_0145

I have been amazed with the photographs that it takes. They are crisp, and have feeling and depth to the images, and we did our first double exposure. My first model was a senior and I was beyond thrilled with the results from his shoot.

Senior Portriats

Senior PortriatsSenior Portriats

Shooting with film has helped me find my passion with photography again, and I can’t get enough of it! I decided that I am going to shoot film and digital with every session that I book. As a photographer in a big crowd, I find that it is very hard to stand out and get your name out there, and I have a feeling that this is my calling….my way of showing my art with uniqueness…..


Stay tuned for more adventures!!